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Who's Afraid?

‘Satellite City’ actor to star in ‘Green Room’.

Sustainable Wales presents an exciting ‘one-man’ show performance at ‘The Green Room’, 8pm, DECEMBER 5th, 4 James St., PORTHCAWL CF36 3BG.

“Who’s Afraid?” is a performance devised by Rhodri Hugh Thomas.

It features the fictional Dr. Gareth Jones, an environmental scientist and campaigner who has lost faith in the environmental movement and succumbed to cynicism.

Reviewing the tensions of modern life, he begins to understand where his disillusion comes from. Thus he makes a direct appeal to younger generations to take up the challenge of finding answers to current problems.

With contributions from Atlantic College students and the public, this combination of lecture, stand-up comedy, drama and video both provokes and entertains.

Rhodri Hugh Thomas is an actor and writer. After appearing in many theatre, television and radio productions (including the BBC sitcom "Satellite City" as Dai the barman) he returned to the world of environmental science in 2003. Rhodri now works for Cynnal Cymru and advises Sustainable Wales.

Sustainable Wales, Director Margaret Minhinnick said today:

“Rhodri is a superbly funny character actor and the Green Room audience will love this Porthcawl stop on his Welsh tour.”

Entrance: £4. Proceeds to go registered charity, Sustainable Wales.

For more information -Phone: 01656 783962

Email: Luke Evans at