Bags from across the world

Bags from across the world


SUSSED stocks bags from all around the world. From bags made from recycled cement and flour bags to eco-chic Namaste bags handmade in Nepal.

A range of backpacks for kids (and adults!) styled like animals are very popular.

Practical shopping and tote bags are available in many styles and sizes.

Freeset Bags

Occasionally we stock Freeset bags which have a moving and positive history:

"In 1999 Kerry and Annie Hilton left New Zealand with their four children and moved to Kolkata to work and live amongst the poor. Naively, they signed up for an apartment in the middle of the day. It was only when Kerry was taking a walk at night that he discovered they had moved into the largest red light area in the city, Sonagacchi. Their new neighbors were thousands of women forced into prostitution by trafficking and poverty.

To make a difference that would bring real freedom for these women, the Hiltons began to understand there needed to be a business alternative. Women could be trained with new skills for a new job and empowered with life-skills needed to appreciate freedom. After experimenting with different products and testing the market, they decided to make jute bags for the export market."

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