for people, for planet

By promoting the sale of only the best organic, biodegradable, recycled, or otherwise eco-friendly goods, we can safeguard the environment without compromising on quality. 

Strengthening our local economy will keep money circulating locally maintaining a diverse and unique range of shops and activities for us all to enjoy.

Shopping for a change

Evidence suggests that more people than ever want to shop with a conscience, buying products that benefit both people and the planet. Choosing to shop at independent shops like SUSSED, is the only way to assure that our town centres do not become cloned high streets but ones with distinct cultures, diverse and busy whilst also supporting the local economy.

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We passionately believe that everyone today needs to be made aware of the issues surrounding trade and the fact that ordinary families can make a difference through their every day choices. 

Choosing Fairtrade Means

  • A fair and secure price to the producer

  • No child labour

  • Safe working conditions

  • Protection for the environment

  • Rights for women

  • Rights for suppliers and vulnerable workers

SUSSED has a fabulous and ethical range of gifts, clothes, bags, accessories, beautiful and unique furniture, household items, books and delicious foods.

Fashion Victims - Bangladesh: The shocking truth behind the real cost of your favourite clothes, Bangladeshi lives. Everyone loves a bargain, but what's the real cost of cheap clothes from Bangladesh's sweat shops? Severed limbs, cruel labour conditions and 1000 dead.