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The Frock Swap returns for Summer!


Tuesday, June 9th 7.30pm. The Green Room (above SUSSED)

All welcome to join our Summer Party +10% of all SUSSED clothing...

Sustainable Wales are organizing a summer Frock Swap and another chance to update your wardrobe.

Search your closet for items that you no longer wear, they don’t fit or are not you, but you think others will value. Give those clothes or accessories a second life and swap for others of a similar value.

Be green-friendly, reduce, reuse and recycle, socialise and have fun, whilst refreshing your wardrobe.“ said Co-Organizer Sian Williams.

“As a nation we have a staggering £30 billion worth of clothes stashed within wardrobes that we never wear.  Around 30 per cent of clothes bought every year are not worn. 0.4 kg of CO2 is saved for every item of clothing that is re-used rather than bought new, says Director, Margaret Minhinnick.

Bring only good quality clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery. (Donations also welcome in advance)

1item =1swap, 2 items = 2 swaps etc. 

Also 10% off SUSSED’s range of new dresses on the night.

Entry £3.00 refreshments available.

Everyone welcome.

Contact telephone: 01656 783962